What's New at TIPS

TIPS Construction Website:

TIPS Construction is a one-of-a-kind team dedicated to bridging the gap between supplier and Member by streamlining the procurement process. With TIPS Construction, you secure a team of seasoned individuals that collaborate with our vendors and members at all levels ensuring a successful, efficient, and compliant process.

Affinity Partner GPO (Private Sector):

Affinity Partners GPO, an affiliate of TIPS-USA is a national group purchasing organization (GPO) for the private sector that leverages purchasing power for national, enterprise and regional purchasers of goods and services. In Partnership with TIPS-USA, Affinity Partners generates cost savings via increased purchasing power with a streamlined procurement process, saving time and creating value in pre-vetted suppliers that extend their government contract to the private sector. 

Purchase Order System:

Members send their purchase orders to [email protected] and attach the PO and vendor quote as a PDF file. TIPS reviews the Purchase Order for compliance, and when approved, the system automatically generates a compliance letter and emails it to the member. The compliance letter is great for your files in case of future audit.

There are some TIPS vendors that are automated. They have systems in place that ensure contract compliance. Look for "AUTOMATED VENDOR" on the vendor profile. The member should send their purchase order directly to an automated vendor and not to the Purchase Order System. You can review a full list of Automated Vendors Here.