The contracts with the four providers listed below were excuted on January 18, 2018 with an initial end-date of January 17, 2021.  The contracts were properly extended pursuant to their terms until January 17, 2023.  

TIPS recently recognized that our Members needed the opportunity to purchase electricity power from a purchasing cooperative contract. In order to meet that need, TIPS awarded a Retail Electricity Provider Agreement to four companies in compliance with Texas Education Code 44.031. The use of these agreements are available to TIPS Members that are located in the deregulated area of Texas’ ERCOT electricity grid.

Overview of Solicitation Process

As a department of Region 8 Education Service Center, TIPS issued a Retail Electric Power Request for Proposals (RFP) 170603 on June 15, 2017.  The RFP documentation and all of our compliance information is posted on the TIPS website under each awarded vendor’s Due Diligence tab on their profile page. After the opening of the sealed proposals on July 31, 2017, all proposals were evaluated and TIPS contract terms and conditions were negotiated. Each retail electric supplier’s contracts were negotiated to provide special conditions and protections for TIPS Members. In January 2018, contracts were executed and final awards were made to four highly qualified retail electricity providers (REPs). TIPS has tested the process and is now rolling it out to our membership.

Awarded Retail Electricity Providers

The four REPs awarded are listed alphabetically below:

            1. MidAmerican Energy Services, LLC

            2. MP2 Energy Texas, LLC

            3. Reliant Energy Retail Services, Inc.

            4. TXU Energy Retail Company, LLC

Value of the REP Program for TIPS Members

Utilizing the TIPS retail electricity agreement satisfies the competitive bidding requirements, simplifies and speeds the procurement process, and reduces costs to the TIPS Member because the Member does not have to create, publish, evaluate, negotiate and award a Request for Proposals as required by Texas Education Code §44.031. It also allows the Member to acquire competitive, current market pricing.  TIPS performed all these steps for you and awarded “not to exceed” pricing in our agreements.  Additional price competitiveness can be achieved by TIPS Members by utilizing a best and final offer process recommended in the documents.

Retail Electricity Member Guidance Process

TIPS Energy Program Flyer

For additional contract information, contact TIPS at 866-839-8477 or [email protected]