If your organization requires an interlocal agreement, please proceed to the steps below:


1.    If your entity requires a resolution click here: Resolution Form.

If not, proceed to step 2.


2.    Interlocal agreement documents are accessible by selecting your state from the map below. Click on your state, print and sign the appropriate documents.


3. Email completed documents to [email protected].

Completed forms may also be mailed.


Mailing address:

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

4845 US Hwy. 271 North

Pittsburg, TX 75686


While TIPS does all that it can to comply with and exceed the bidding requirements for most public entities, because the laws applicable vary by entity-type, location, spend amount, purchase type, and the purchaser’s local policies, TIPS cannot legally advise any Member/End-User when a TIPS purchase is appropriate.  It is always the responsibility of the Member/End-User to review TIPS’ processes and determine if a TIPS cooperative procurement is appropriate for any particular purchase or entity.